On Bike Share - Bicycle Sharing Solutions for University, corporate or commercial locations
  On Bike Share - Bicycle Sharing Solutions for University, Corporate and Commercial Locations bike share... your way
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Hybrid Bikes
On Bike Share - bicycle sharing solutions for universities, corporate campuses and commercial systems including resorts and tourism.

Simplifying bike share for universities, corporations, resorts and property managers.

We make it easy, fast and affordable for you to deploy a bicycle fleet or bike share system on your campus. Our innovative bike share solution eliminates expensive kiosks and on-going usage fees – so our solution is fast to deploy, inexpensive to operate, and easy to manage. The On Bike Share solution uses electronic key boxes and innovative bicycles using integrated locks to ensure high levels of security and accountability, while providing your employees, students or guests with a system that is simple to use, and bicycles that are safe and fun to ride.

Fully Automated. Fully Monitored.

The On Bike Share solution uses an electronic key box to secure and release the bike keys to registered users of the system. This small battery-powered, weather-resistant key box mounts directly onto the bike rack next to its corresponding bike. Each user of the bike share system has a unique 4-6 digit code that they enter into keypad to unlock the key box and remove the bike key. This bike key unlocks the specially designed U-lock which is integrated into the bike frame. The rider stows the U-bar on the side of the bike, and rides wherever they need to go. Since the U-lock is integrated into the frame, the rider can use this integrated lock to secure the bike to any bike rack while they attend meetings, classes or while they shop. When they are ready to return the bike ot the bike station, they use their code to unlock the key box and return the key, which then makes the bike accessible to another user in the system.

Each time the key box is opened, the on-board computer logs the user ID, date and time. This data can then be downloaded at any time by the system administrator. This provides a complete audit trail of usage - perfect for creating reports on usage, or finding out who was the last user of the bike if it is lost or damaged.

Rider-Friendly Bike Share.

The On Bike Share bicycles combine a highly reliable shaft drive system with Shimano’s 7-speed internal gearing. This combination eliminates all the external moving parts - so the bikes are safer, cleaner and more resistant to weather than any other bicycles on the market. These bicycles also feature puncture-resistant tires and highly reliable brakes so they are safe and reliable. Our low maintenance design also means lower operating costs, improved availability of bikes, and increased bike life spans.

Ride Anywhere. Park Anywhere.

The On Bike Share system offers more flexibility than any other bicycle sharing solution. With On Bike Share's unique OnLock(tm) technology, the specially designed U-lock is integrated into the bicycle frame. The OnLock is positioned on the frame to pass through the rear wheel to disable the bike when locked. The OnLock also uses a special non-remove key design that secures the bike key inside the OnLock until the U-bar is inserted and secured. This prevents a rider from accidentally losing the key while riding, and also prevents the user from being able to return the bike key to the key box until the bike is locked and disabled.

Once a rider accesses the key box and removes the key to unlock the bike, they can ride the bike wherever they need to go - and lock the bike to any standard bike rack - so they can always park close to their destination. While they are riding, the U-bar for the lock stows neatly on the side of the frame. When they return the bike to the bike station, they use their code to access the key box and return the bike key to make the bike available to another user.

Bike Stations Wherever You Need Them.

To set up a Bike Station, all you need are bike racks - no power or internet is required. The key boxes mount directly onto the bike racks where your bikes are stored, so you can create bike stations - with any number of bikes – practically anywhere you need them. This enables you to put bikes closer to where people need them, increasing convenience and accessibility for your riders. This increases the likelihood the bikes will be used, and creates consistent locations that riders can find bikes. Scalable from just a few bikes to hundreds of bikes, and from just one location to any number of locations, On Bike Share will consistently cost less than other systems on the market.

Bike Share... Your Way

Our system is designed to make your job of implementing and managing a bike share system simple. Our system offers high levels of safety, reliability, and security in a cost-effective package. Let us help you configure a bike share system just for you.