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Bike Share Made Simple

Every aspect of our system was designed to make the bikes simple to access, operate, maintain. Systems include bicycles, bike racks, electronic locking system, and software - as well as the tools, training and support you need to make it a success.

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How It Works

Our bicycles are locked to the bike racks using a frame-integrated U-Lock. The keys for the bikes are secured in electronic key boxes mounted to the bike racks (one key box for each bike). Members use PIN codes to access the bike keys inside the key boxes. Members can be assigned their own unique PIN code, or they use their smartphone to request PIN codes on demand. The system tracks use for easy reporting on system activity.

Watch the Video

Chainless Folding Bicycle Video - how to fold a Dynamic Sidekick chainless folding bicycle

Simplified Bicycles

Bike Share bicycles

Our custom-designed bicycles feature a soft suspension seat, upright riding position, and the Shimano 7-speed internal gear hubs with simple-to-operate twist shifter. Our bikes are clean, safe, and durable.

Automated Bike Access

Automated phone access to bike share

Our Bike Docking Stations use specially designed electronic key boxes to secure and release bike keys to authorized users. These electronic key boxes are mounted directly to our custom bike racks, and provide 24/7 access to the bikes.

Highly Secure

Bike Share lock

Multiple layers of security reduce theft and increase accountability. From our weather-resistant electronic key boxes made of hardened steel, to our unique on-bike locking system - called OnLock™, we provide security and convenience like no other system.


Including Commercial and Residential Properties, Universities, Corporate Campuses and Hotels/Resorts