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Custom-branded Bike Share for Your Property

Bicycles are a great way to attract and retain tenants. They offer tenants a healthy and sustainable way to relax, exercise, and get around. Plus, bike share offers a great return on investment.

Did You Know?

  • Property-wide amenities, such as bike share, yield a 30% higher return on investment than unit-specific upgrades. (NAA Study)
  • A custom-branded On Bike Share system for your property costs about $35 per unit
  • 7 out of 10 customers said attracting and retaining tenants was their #1 reason for bringing bike share to their property
  • Fitness and wellness-related amenities – like bike share – ranked at the top in terms of percentage of residents willing to pay more. (J Turner Research)

Bike Share With Your Name All Over It

Designed just for you—with custom-branded bikes, custom-configured software, and customized bike maintenance plans. It's a bike-share system with your name all over it.

Bike Share App - Admin software platform

You're in Control

The On Bike Share system requires your tenants to use the App to request membership and accept the waiver—so you control who is accepted into the program. Once approved, tenants can checkout bikes using the App, and you can track activity in real-time, so you always know who has the bikes.

Automated Bike Checkout

When a tenant selects a bike, the app uses the phone's Bluetooth to unlock the bike from the rack. When they return the bike, the bike automatically locks to the rack and the tenant ends the rental in the app.

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