Amenity Systems (Free to Use)

Amenity Systems are designed for corporate and college campuses, as well as apartment/condo properties and commercial office buildings. Select a packaged system size below, or create a custom configuration.

Rental Systems (Pay-per-Use)

Rental Systems are designed for automated bike rentals at hotels/resorts, tourist destinations, and in local communities. The minimum size Rental System is a 20-bike system. The 20-bike system includes 20-bikes and 30-racks (allowing point-to-point rentals). If you need a different system size, create a custom configuration.

5 bike pilot system
All Bike Share Systems Inlcude:

  • Custom-branded 7-speed bikes
  • Solar powered electronic locking system
  • Custom branded racks
  • Smartphone App
  • Cloud-based Admin software
  • Web-based training
  • Free phone support