System Use and Production Videos

Watch the On Bike Share System in Action

See How Your Bike is Made for You

System Administator Guide & Resources

Information about bike assembly, Admin software, Maintenance App, as well information about warranty, support contacts and more.

Download a PDF of our Rider Brochure with instructions on joining your system, checking out and returning bikes, as well as safety tips.

Information about bicycle assemble, use and handling, safety and maintenance.

Need spare parts for your bikes? Check prices for commonly requested parts and accessories for your bicycles.

Login to the Movatic Admin software to configure and monitor your system use.

Training on the Admin software including configuring your system, registering Admins, and learning about the Maintenance App.

Download the Movatic Maintenance App for Android.

Download the Movatic Maintenance App for iOS/iPhone.

Software Training

A Day in The Life with the Movatic Admin

Movatic Maintenance App

Bike Assembly and Maintenance Videos

Bicycle Assembly

Rack Installation

Troubleshooting Guide

Bike Safety Check

Gear Adjustment

Chain Replacement

Brake Adjustment

Tire & Tube Replacement

Saddle Replacement

Bluetooth Lock Replacement