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Read More Information About Our
Bike-Sharing System

Read More Information About Our Bike-Sharing System

The bike racks must be installed into concrete (not asphalt). Since the electronic locks on the bikes are battery-powered and controlled by the smartphone app, no power is required at the bike stations. Bike stations can include any number of bike racks. We offer two kinds of racks, single bike racks and 2-bike racks. You can create bike stations of any size and configuration depending on space and needs. Mounting hardware is included for securing racks onto concrete. For more information about choosing bike station locations or installing the racks, download our Single Bike Rack Installation Guide, or our 2-Bike Rack Installation Guide.

Riders check out/rent a bike using our free smartphone app. Once riders install the app and register for your program, they use the app to locate available bikes and electronically unlock the bike from the rack (uses the phone's Bluetooth to communicate with lock). Each bicycle has a Bluetooth lock attached to the front of the bike, which is used to 'dock' the bike into the rack.

Yes, the system comes with a Liability Release and Waiver form that every rider needs to sign to use the bike share program. This waiver form can be customized by you in the admin system. This waiver requires the rider to accept certain risks, accept financial responsibility for the bike, and accept personal responsibility for incidents or accidents while riding the bike. If you would like a copy of this waiver form for review by your legal department, please note this in the comments when you complete the quotation request form.

Yes. We provide free comprehensive web-based training with every system, including training on the app, administration software, and bicycles as well as an overview of system operations. We are also available to come on-site to provide training and support you with bike assembly, system installation, and program launch.

Yes. If you plan to charge riders for bike rentals, you can set your rental rates in the admin software. Riders enter their credit card information directly into the app, and any time they use the bikes, they get billed according to your rate plan. Proceeds from bike rentals are deposited directly into your bank account. Credit card and service fees apply.

No, our system only works with our bikes. Our bike frames are specially made for mounting the electronic Bluetooth lock for 'docking' the bikes onto our racks.

Our bicycles are specially made for bike share and use components designed for ease of use, high durability, theft prevention, rider safety, and low maintenance. For instance, our bikes use a twist grip shifter and the Shimano 7-speed Tourney gearing. This gearing helps minimize maintenance and simplifies operation. Our frames use oversized tubing with an anti-theft seat post, and some cabling is routed through the frame for safety and durability. Our bikes also use puncture-resistant tires to reduce flats, fenders to protect riders from water spray, and a basket for utility. Plus, our bikes use an alloy frame and components, which are more resilient to the elements.

Our bicycles come standard with the Shimano 7-speed internal gearing. Our 7-speed models have a gear range comparable to 18-speeds of a chain bike, so they are suitable for moderately hilly terrain, and rides of moderate to long distances. Our 7-speed bikes offer a 40% wider gear range than a 3-speed bike, making them much more versatile, and suitable for a wider range of riders and riding abilities.

A simple twist of the wrist changes the gears. The bicycles are equipped with a twist grip shifter located on your right hand. The shifter includes a gear indicator that always indicates what gear you are in. Best of all, with our bikes, you can change gears at any time—while pedaling, coasting, or at a complete stop. This feature makes the bikes easy enough for beginners to gain confidence quickly.

Our unisex 18" frame is designed for riders 5' 0" to 6' 5". The low step-thru frame design makes it accessible by a wide range of riders. It's easy to adjust the seat height, and the seat post also has a non-remove security feature so it can't be removed from the frame.

Our bicycles are designed to require less maintenance than traditional bikes, and they will be less expensive to maintain than almost every other bicycle on the market. In fact, maintenance on our bicycles is so easy, many of our customers do it themselves. For our bikes, we recommend regular safety inspections of tire pressure and brakes. We also recommend a more thorough inspection/tune-up once or twice per year depending on the use of the bikes. You can review a detailed Bike Maintenance Schedule.

It's your choice. If you would like a professional to maintain your bikes, we offer monthly or bi-monthly bike maintenance programs, where the mechanic will come on-site to perform the safety inspections, tune-ups, and service. All mechanics are certified and insured. If you decide to maintain the bikes yourself, your system comes with a toolkit for tackling routine adjustments, and you can use a local bike shop for more extensive service or tune-ups.

Bikes are fully tuned and 85% assembled prior to shipping. Final assembly takes about 15-20 minutes per bike. If you don't want to do the assembly yourself, we can arrange for on-site bike assembly upon delivery of your system. If you prefer to do the assembly yourself, a complete toolkit and final assembly instructions are included with your bicycles. You can also watch our Bike Assembly Video.

Yes. We offer a ring lock that is attached to the bike frame. This convenient lock provides an easy way for riders to secure the bikes temporarily while they shop, eat, etc. This lock features a non-remove key function that traps the key inside the lock on the frame until the lock is secured and the bike is disabled. This prevents someone from losing the key while riding (because it's trapped in the lock), and ensures the bike is secure whenever it is left unattended. 

This is entirely up to you. It's your bike share program. You set the policy for how long users can keep a bike before it needs to be checked back in. If you are using the Billing Module, they get charged according to the terms of your plan. You can also set a reminder in the system to automatically notify riders if they keep the bike longer than a certain period of time.

With the admin software, you can see exactly who has bikes, and how long they have had them. You can also set the software to send them a reminder if they are keeping the bike too long. For Amenity systems, you can contact your members directly to return the bike, and you can blacklist them from the system if they are abusing the system. If you are charging for bike rentals, you can charge riders the full replacement cost of the bike if it is not returned within the time limit you specify in your Terms and Conditions.

Yes. Our financing partner offers financing up to $25,000 for 24, 36, or 48 months. It's a simple one-page application, and decisions are typically made with one business day. Call us for more details, or to receive the one-page application.