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Bike Share at Hotel

Custom-Branded Bicycles for Your Hotel

Bike share and bicycle fleets are a great way for your guests to have fun while they explore your area at their own pace. Bicycles also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment, and help reduce trips by car.

Bicycles With Your Name All Over It

Our bikes come custom branded—just for you—including your logo on the frame and basket panels. Want a bit more color? No problem, we can custom-paint the fenders and chainguard to color match your logo. 

Bike Share at Resort

Bike Share System vs Bicycle Fleet

Complete Bike Share Systems

Bike Share system custom branded

Bike Share systems provide guests with automated access to the bikes using a smartphone App. You can charge rental fees and/or include bikes at no charge as part of your resort fees. Complete systems are best for hotels/resorts that want to provide bike access without requiring staff time for checkouts or returns. Complete systems include:

  • Bicycles with Smartlocks
  • Docking Racks
  • Smartphone App for Guests
  • Admin Software for Staff

Bicycle Fleet

7-speed bike share bicycle

Bicycle fleets are a simple and cost-effective way to provide shared access to bikes. Our 7-speed bicycles include a specially designed ring lock built into the bike frame. You keep the keys at the guest services desk and guest can checkout and return keys like a library system. The lock is designed so when the key is used to unlock the bike, it is trapped in the lock. Only when the guest locks up the bike can the key be removed. This prevents guests from losing keys, and ensures that when keys are returned, the bike is locked up. Guests can also use this lock to temporarily secure the bike anywhere along their ride. Plus, bikes come fully branded with your hotel name.