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Bring Bike Share Right to Your Hotel

With our seasonal, fully-managed bike share service, offering bikes to your guests was never this easy. We offer both automated bike rental systems and bike fleets—giving you two ways to offer bikes to guests.

Either way, our uniquely stylish bikes come custom-branded for your hotel, and weekly bike maintenance is included.

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Give Your Guests a Ride

Bikes are a great amenity. They give guests a way to experience and explore your area at their own pace.

But if you have purchased bikes in the past, you know maintaining and storing the bikes isn't always easy.

That's why our automated rental systems and seasonal bike fleets include weekly bike maintenance, and we remove the bikes at the end of the season. Seriously, it's that easy.

Two Ways to Get Started

1. Automated Bike Rental System

2. Seasonal Bike Fleet

On Bike Share system

Option 1: Automated Bike Rentals

With our automated rental system, we setup a modular bike station at your hotel so your guests can rent bikes without requiring assistance from your staff. Using their smartphone, they can rent up to 2 bikes at a time, and use them for as long as they want. When done using the bike, they return the bikes to your property and dock back into the bike station. Rental charges go directly to their credit card.

While using the bikes, guests can use the integrated U-lock to temporarily secure the bike while they shop, eat or relax on the beach. Plus, we provide weekly bike maintenance, so you know the bikes are safe and ready to ride.

With this system, there is No Cost to You.

Option 2: Seasonal Bicycle Fleets

Provide free bikes to you guests that show off your property everywhere they go. Our custom-branded bikes use a special U-lock built into the bike frame. To use the bikes, your guests simply checkout and return bike keys from your guest services desk—just like a library system. It's simple and secure. They can even use this same lock to temporarily secure the bike along their ride. 

Our 7-speed bikes are comfortable, reliable and have a wide range of gearing. And we provide weekly bike maintenance, so you know the bikes are safe and ready to ride.

With this system, you pay a flat monthly fee per bicycle during the season. 

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Bike Maintenace Included

Our bike service team will come on-site every week to inspect, test and service bikes—so they are always ready to ride for your guests.

Ready to Get Rolling? Call us with questions or to setup a demonstration - 401-475-8094