Software Support

The On Bike Share App provides access to bike share systems that are privately owned and operated. On Bike Share does not operate the bike share systems, and cannot provide you with access to a system, or address issues with a system, other than contacting the system owner-operator.

System Registration

For information about registering for a system, please contact the management office for the system name that is displayed on the bicycles and racks.


Each rider who registers for the bike share system, or who uses a bike provided to them by another registered user, is required to accept the liability release and acceptance waiver. This waiver is included as part of the registration process for the system. Read this waiver carefully as it waives certain rights and acknowledges that you accept certain responsibilities when you register to use the bikes.

App Use

Once you are registered and accepted into a system, you use the App to unlock the bikes from the rack. The App uses your phone's Bluetooth, so be sure your Bluetooth is turned on when using the App. The App also uses your phone's location service to determine your proximity to the bike station. When at the bike station, start the App and press Available Bikes at the bottom of the screen. This will scan for bikes within Bluetooth range. This range will vary based on your model of phone and the battery charge of the smartlocks on the bikes.

All available bikes will appear in a list, each with a box to the right with the word Rent. If a bike does not appear in the list of available bikes, it is either low on battery or in maintenance mode, and is not available for rental. To rent a bike, press Rent for the associated bike you want to use and the App will unlock the bike from the rack. You have about 7 seconds to remove the bike from the rack. After this time, the bike will automatically re-lock to the rack.

When a rental is started, you will be presented with a Active Rental screen showing the time your rental started. When you are done using the bike, you dock the bike back into one of the designated racks in your system. After docking to the rack, pull back gently on the bike to confirm it is docked securely to the rack. This will end your rental. If you press the refresh button on your active rental screen when you are within Bluetooth range of the lock, the App will automatically end the rental. Otherwise, your rental will be ended the next time someone scans the locks to start a new rental.

Rental Fees

The operator of your system will notify you if any fees are collected. The operator of your system may elect to collect credit card information from you as part of the registration process. This information will be securely stored and used only in the event that you damage the bike or the bike is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen while in your possession.

Problem Reports

If you have any issue with the bicycle or App, we request that you submit this report through the App. This will help the Administrator of the system quickly address this issue.