Your Bike Share. Your Way.

Custom-Branded Bike Share  for your property, campus or community

The On Bike Share system comes with everything you need to run your own bike share program or shared bicycle fleet—all branded with your logo. Our complete systems include smartlocks, docking racks, App and Admin software.

Bike Share system custom branded

Smart and Simple Access to Bikes

Our App makes it easy for riders to checkout and return bikes from the docking station. Riders register for your system and accept your waiver. Once approved, they use the App to select a bike, and the App unlocks the bike from the docking rack using the phone's Bluetooth, and starts a rental in the Admin software.

What You Get

Our complete systems include bicycles with smartlocks, docking racks, smartphone App and Admin portal. We also offer on-site assembly and complete bike maintenance plans.

With bicycles and bike share exploding in popularity around the country, we make it easy for you to get rolling.

Bike Share system components
Bike Share Rider

Who We Serve

We have almost 500 systems across a diverse range of customers – including apartment and townhome communities, corporate campuses, commercial properties, college campuses, independent operators, and small towns. Let us use our experience to help you bring bike share to your area. 

Our Mission

To us, bikes are for more than recreation. More than transportation. They can be truly transformative for individuals and communities. Read More about our mission to help you be a part of this transformation and how we give back to our community.







Ready to Get Rolling?

Let us help set up a bike-sharing system that works best for you. 

Don't Need a Complete System with Racks, Locking System or Software?
Just Looking for a Fleet of Custom Branded Bicycles?