How It Works

Bike Share with Your Name all over it.

Systems include bicycles with smartlocks, docking racks, App and Admin software - all branded with your logo.

The bikes dock into the racks and can only be unlocked using the App. When riders use the App to select a bike, The App uses the phone's Bluetooth to unlock the bike and record the rental in the Admin software. With our station-based system, riders must return bikes to the racks when done riding. 

On Bike Share system - bikes at station
7-speed bike share bicycle

Start With the Best Bikes

Bikes are at the heart of our system. Which is why we designed our bikes with premium components and innovative features so they are easier to ride, more reliable, and less expensive to maintain.

Plus, with a relaxed upright riding position and comfy seats, our bikes will make your riders smile. 

Bike Share App - Admin software platform

Software that Puts You in Control

Riders start by downloading the App to register for your program and accept the waiver. Once approved, they use the App to select a bike. The App unlocks the bike automatically from the rack using the phone's Bluetooth and records the rental in the Admin software. Since only approved riders can checkout bikes, you control who can access the bikes. The software also allows you to set hours of operation, send automated notifications to riders, and ban riders that abuse the system.

Smartlocks and Docking Racks

Our station-based system uses electronic smartlocks mounted to the front of the bike to 'dock' the bikes to the rack. This keeps the bikes secure, organized, and centrally located. Our smartlocks use rechargeable batteries that last for months, so the bike stations don't require any power or internet—just a concrete pad. 

Bicycles docked to racks with smartlock

Automated Bike Checkout and Return

See how easy it is for riders to checkout and return bikes using our free App. Just select a bike, and let the App unlock the bike from the rack and start the rental.

See How Your System is Built

Peek behind the curtain at how your bikes and racks are prepared for delivery. We take a lot of pride in our work, and it shows in the details that help make your system a success.

What's Included in Your System

7-speed System

Featuring our versatile 7-speed bicycles with dual docking racks (2-bikes per rack), this system delivers security, versatility and reliability.

Bike Share system custom branded
Bicycle on bike stand getting service

Bike Share Maintenace. Made Simple.

Our partner Velotooler has a nationwide network of certified and insured bike mechanics that will come on-site to perform bike assembly and monthly bike maintenance—all at pre-negotiated rates. So even though you're independent, you're never alone.